Sunday, September 20, 2009


St Michael’s Mandarin Group

We are St Michael’s Mandarin Group - the youngest Chinese Catholic Community in Sydney. With the support of Bishop David Cremin, Father Mani Malana, and Father Paschel Chang OFM, we had our first Mandarin Mass on Feb 17, 2008. Father Joseph Lu is our Priest, and Sister Maria Zhao RSM is our Spiritual Director. We now have Masses every first and third Sunday at 12:15pm. To build a sense of friendship and community, we also have bring-a-dish lunches after Mass. Catechesis class is at 11:00am and Lectio Divina is after lunch.
Currently, we are only a small group of about 60 people. However we are confident that we will soon grow to be a significant community in the communion of Christ’s love. Please make us known to your Chinese friends living in the St George area. We are the only Catholic Community with Masses in Mandarin in the Southern part of Sydney.

We are:          St Michael’s Mandarin Group
We are at:      10 Croydon Road, Hurstville, NSW 2220
We meet:        Every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 12:15pm
For enquiries:  Urey / Elsie Lau 0419 556 482 or
                        Teresa Liu 9553 8940

11:00am - 慕道班聯繫 Teresa Liu 9553 8940
11:30am - 聖詠團在聖堂練唱,聯繫 Urey 0419 556 482
11:30am - 兒童教理班,在小聖堂上課
11:45am - 告解聖事
11:50am - 玫瑰經
12:15pm - 彌撒開始
彌撒結束– 2:15pm-在小聖堂午飯
2:15pm -   聖言誦讀默想 (Lectio Divina) 及青年組靈修聚會